Ware House Assistant

  • Dubai
  • Naya Jobs

Job Description : Read customer orders to determine items to be physically or mechanically moved to designated location.

Scan materials with hand held bar code readers and pick parts in accordance with customer orders.

Physically or mechanically move items from bulk containers, racks, shelves, or bins in accordance with predetermined sequences such as size, type, style, color, or product code.

Using mechanized or regular hand tools and fixtures, assemble parts and place parts sequentially as directed by customer orders.

Maintains orderliness at all times using concepts of 5S.

Physically counts and maintains accuracy of inventory

Ability to follow exactly all standard work and work element sheets to ensure accurate compliance for processes and to ensure consistent product

Ability to perform repetitive duties and detail work accurately.

Ability to work with frequent distractions

Receives daily supervision, guidance and direction from the Supervisor and/or designate.

May receive advice, counsel, and direction from various operations staff

May receive direction or guidance from other supervisory staff including quality and engineering

Good customer service and interpersonal skills to work with a diverse group of team members

Ability to cooperate and follow direction of supervisor

Xth with 6 months of work experience preferred

Flexible - able to work overtime or varying shifts as required to support the demands of the business

Ability to read and interpret English documents such as safety rules, operating instructions

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