Structural Supervisor

  • Dubai
  • Arena Group Plc

Dubai, United Arab Emirates and KSA Permanent

Position Description

Job Title : Structural Supervisor Reporting Into : Structural Engineer Direct Reports : NA Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and KSA

Job Objective : Inspect structural activities on-site; Inspect steel fabricated elements; Coordinate fabrication with site schedule

Key Responsibilities : Site activities

  • Inspect the erection of projects to ensure they meet technical specifications
  • Monitor the progress of the construction work and performance at the site
  • Report the progress of the project and performance on-site to the structural Engineer.
  • Report any deviation from design drawings that occur at the construction site to the structural Engineer.
  • Educate site workers on safety procedures to be adopted at the site and ensure they adhere strictly to safety standards
  • Ensure the projects are executed in compliance with local or state regulations
  • Ensure that any change in project design is executed by the operation team
  • Motivate all the participants in the project
  • Identify any potential problem at the site and work to prevent it.
  • Keep accurate records of material fabrication quality documents.
  • Hold meetings with the manufacturer on behalf of the Structural Engineer.
  • Maintain good relationships with operations, contractors, and suppliers

Fabrication and procurement

  • Support the Structural Engineer in the selection of suppliers for projects
  • Assist the Structural Engineer with procurement.
  • Coordinate with the structural Engineer in creating a schedule for the steel fabrication alongside the build schedule.
  • Carry out inspection of fabricated material through PO and Drawing
  • Carry out Fabrication inspection, Dimensional inspection, painting & welding inspection.
  • Prepare Discrepancy (non-conformities) reports to the structural Engineer
  • Review quality documents from the manufacturer.
  • Coordinate with the manufacturer on the quality matters
  • Approve the fabricated material in terms of quality and quantity before shipment to Arena site/Warehouse.

Required Skills/Abilities : Personal

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficiency in English, Arabic & another language.
  • Sufficient knowledge in the erection of steel structure buildings execution
  • Sufficient knowledge of manufacturing steel inspection
  • Ability to manage multiple projects within tight deadlines
  • Excellent time management and problem-solving skills
  • Positive attitude


Working knowledge of MS Office, with proficiency in Excel is a must.

Education and Experience :

  • Diploma/Degree in an engineering related field
  • Driving license essential.
  • 5+ years’ experience in steel inspection/erection
  • Events experience an advantage.