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Pediatric Surgeon Responsibilities:
  • Examining young patients and diagnosing health issues for surgery.
  • Ordering preoperative tests and physical examinations and interpreting results.
  • Consulting with patients and family members regarding diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Comforting young patients before operations.
  • Performing surgical procedures to correct deformations, congenital problems, injuries, or treat illnesses.
  • Monitoring postoperative recovery and educating family members regarding postoperative care.
  • Collaborating and cooperating with all the specialists involved in a child’s medical care to determine when or if surgery is an appropriate treatment option.
Pediatric Surgeon Requirements:
  • A Medical degree and the successful completion of a residency and fellowship in pediatric surgery.
  • A state license and certification to practice pediatric surgery.
  • A keen interest in the treatment for and needs of children.
  • A strong working knowledge of pediatric physiology and pharmacology.
  • Excellent precision and dexterity in surgery.
  • A compassionate and caring nature.